Day: February 22, 2023

Carpet Repair ToolsCarpet Repair Tools

carpet repair tools

Using carpet repair tools to fix burns, stains, and other small damage to your carpet can save you money by avoiding hiring a professional. But if time is of the essence or you have high expectations about how things will look when your repair is finished, you might want to call in the pros instead.

KOOLGLIDE (Carpet Seaming) Tool with Remote Heating

KOOLGLIDE is a smart carpet installation tools  that senses the presence of an underlying tape and then automatically calculates the energy settings necessary to melt the adhesive without burning the glue or backing. The heat generated by the tool is remotely controlled via a microprocessor, so it never gets too hot or too cold.

How it works

The KOOLGLIDE uses induction heating to remotely heat the adhesive-infused tape, which helps it to quickly activate. It also optimizes the tape design to produce strong, reliable bonds that can overcome the visible seams typically associated with hot iron carpet seaming.

Expert Tips for Proper Use and Maintenance of Carpet Repair Tools

How to use the KOOLGLIDE tool

When using a KOOLGLIDE to complete a seam, lay the tape beneath the damaged area, with the adhesive side facing upwards and the backing side down. The KOOLGLIDE will then activate the tape and begin melting its adhesive.

Next, place the donor piece of carpet atop the damaged area in the correct alignment. On most carpets (excluding some low-pile styles), the carpet nap runs in one direction, so the donor piece must be placed in a straight line with the damaged area.