Show u how Inc Busines Cavity Wall Insulation Installers Near Me

Cavity Wall Insulation Installers Near Me

cavity wall insulation installers near me

Up to a third of the heat in your home escapes through uninsulated walls. Insulating your wall cavity will stop this and make the whole house much warmer, saving you energy as it means your heating doesn’t have to work as hard. It can also significantly cut your heating bills.

If you are cavity wall insulation installers near me, it’s worth finding a specialist that can carry out the work to a high standard. They will survey your property and advise on the best kind of insulation to suit your needs, as well as carrying out any other repairs that are needed. Depending on your situation, this could include a survey of the existing materials and a borescope inspection to ensure there are no issues with damp or mould.

Saving Money and Energy: How Cavity Wall Insulation Works

Once the survey has been completed, your external walls will be drilled and filled with insulation material, usually mineral wool or polyurethane foam. This is a quick process that doesn’t involve having to take the wall apart, and should be complete in around two hours.

There are many different types of insulation available, ranging from blown beads to mineral fibre or polyurethane foam. The most popular option is blown beads, which have great thermal efficiency and durability, and are rot-resistant and water resistant. They also offer an excellent soundproofing effect, helping to reduce external noise levels. Polyurethane foam is another popular choice, although it does not fill the gaps as efficiently as blown beads, and it can decompose over time, giving off toxic fumes.

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