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Online Forklift Certification

Online forklift certification is a great way to take training on your own time and without leaving the comfort of home. You can complete the didactic training on nearly any internet-capable device. Some courses even have multiple language options! URL

The online forklift training option is convenient and affordable, often costing much less than live, in-person classes. It can also be completed on a schedule that works for you and your employer, giving you more flexibility than traditional training programs.

There are two parts to a forklift certification: the formal instruction and the hands-on evaluation. This practical evaluation must be done by a qualified person who can observe you operating a forklift in the workplace. This is usually performed by the employee’s employer but can be done by another trained evaluator.

On the Go Lift: How Online Forklift Certification Can Transform Your Career

Forklift operator training is required for all workers who operate powered industrial trucks. The course is designed to reduce injuries, accidents and costs associated with improper operation or lack of training in the workplace.

A forklift operator’s certificate, or license, is an important document to have on hand when applying for jobs. Adding this to your resume can help you stand out and improve your chances of landing the job. When you receive your certification, it will include information such as the type of forklift you have been trained on, the date you took your class and the evaluator’s name. It will also list your forklift operator identification number, which can be used to validate your license and confirm your status as a certified forklift operator.

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