Selling and providing post-purchase support for most consumer products, especially those that require assembly, setup, installation and detailed explanation of use, is fraught with problems. These products inherently require extra product education for consumers, and the pre- and post-sale support provided today by retailers and manufacturers are not meeting consumer needs and expectations. Pre-sale consumer education is inconsistent and post-sale support calls can take 30 minutes or more, causing consumer frustration and driving up costs for manufacturers and consumers alike.

The result of this disconnection between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, causes problems for each group. Insufficient support for these products results in 10 – 20% return rates, nearly double the average for retail goods. Lost revenue from returns as well as associated support costs, including packaging, shipping, processing, and call center expenses, can cost billions for retailers and manufacturers.

ShowUhow® improves the consumer purchase and support experience by providing reliable and cost effective web-based tools and services that are coordinated and integrated between all parties in the purchase transaction. This sets ShowUhow apart from other customer support solutions.