Build better relationships with retailers and consumers by cost-effectively solving customer support issues.

Manufacturers work hard to maintain and grow distribution with existing retailers and acquire new distribution partners. ShowUhow helps ensure success by providing low cost sales and customer support tools and Video Instruction Guides (VIGs). VIGs are powerful tools that improve consumers’ out-of-box experience by showing them how to set-up, install and use a wide-range of consumer products from consumer electronics to small appliances, kids’ gear, furniture, outdoor and recreation equipment and a whole lot more.

ShowUhow’s innovative customer support platform enables manufacturers to provide better and clearer set-up, installation and use information and responsive customer support – enhancing your brand and better meeting the needs of your retail partners for consistent, high quality customer support. VIGs provide a live demonstration of the product installation process from the consumer’s vantage point. Consumers can also register their product, order parts, and receive promotions right from their desktop. ShowUhow also helps you improve your product usability and ensure that your products comply with consumer product safety requirements, by being assembled and used correctly.

ShowUhow provides you with direct access to consumer information you never had before. Receiving feedback from your consumers will help you identify new product opportunities and grow your sales. Manufacturers can customize survey questions to gain valuable customer feedback, and access extensive platform usage data and analysis to better understand consumer behavior and support needs. ShowUhow provides an Awareness Program to communicate the benefits of this solution to your retailers. By minimizing returns and handling customer support issues through the ShowUhow platform, support costs are reduced for both manufacturers and retailers. And as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, ShowUhow is easy to implement with no need to change the way you do business today.

ShowUhow keeps your support costs and product return rates low, improving your margins, and makes your distribution channels more productive. Let us ShowUHow!