Improve customers’ product experience and reduce returns by solving support needs.

Leading retailers are actively looking for ways to improve customer experience and gain a competitive edge, while keeping costs low. ShowUhow® is a web-based sales and customer support platform that improves customer satisfaction, reduces product returns, and is much more cost-effective than traditional call center support. ShowUhow is an innovative service that provides web-based, self-service sales and customer support tools with Video Instruction Guides (VIGs). VIGs are powerful tools that improve consumers’ out-of-box experience by showing how to set-up, assemble, install or use a wide-range of consumer products from consumer electronics to appliances, kids’ gear, furniture, outdoor and recreation equipment and a whole lot more. The ShowUhow integrated sales and customer support platform also provides unique reporting and data analysis capabilities as well as a new way of capturing meaningful customer feedback and market research data.

VIG On Retailer Website

The ShowUhow platform does a lot more than simply provide VIGs for your customers to help them set-up and use products correctly. It enables retailers to provide a consistent, high-quality, low-cost pre-sale and support experience across all products that require configuration. The ShowUhow platform also provides a platform for vital customer interaction, providing retailers with access to customer information and feedback on products and service. Retailers can customize survey questions to gain valuable customer feedback, and access extensive platform usage data and analysis to better understand customer behavior and support needs.

VIGs provide a consistent, high level of pre-sale and post-purchase support to your consumers, improving their shopping and out-of-box experience. The VIGs are produced and hosted by ShowUhow. ShowUhow provides manufacturers and retailers with an Awareness Program to make sure that consumers know which products include this premium level of support both as they make their purchasing decisions as well as post-purchase.

To accomplish this, retailers put a link to a VIG preview window on the specific product sales pages of the online store. ShowUhow configures the preview window to comply with the retailer’s Web site guidelines. The preview window is branded with the retailer and the manufacturer logos and is configured to keep the consumer on the online store Web site; the consumers cannot leave the preview window for another Web site.

Adding this preview is simple and fast. All that is needed is the retailer’s logo and Web site guidelines. When shoppers click on this link, they will know that this product provides them with a higher level of customer support.

After making a purchase, consumers then access the full VIG for additional post-purchase support through the manufacturer’s website. The full VIG provides the consumer with the ability to access additional product safety, warranty information, register products, or request replacement parts.

ShowUhow increases product sales by demonstrating the support provided for products that require configuration during the research and shopping experience. The ShowUhow platform is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, so implementing the ShowUhow platform requires no change to the way you do business today. Your manufacturers simply include ShowUhow collateral, including inserts and labels, with their product packaging. You receive online, catalog, and in-store point-of-sale materials to promote the ShowUhow benefits to consumers and web-based training for your employees. The combination of point of sale materials, packaging, staff training and an easy to use customer support platform will differentiate you from your competitors and have consumers coming to your stores or shopping online more often.

ShowUhow reduces returns, and improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Let us ShowUHow!