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Integrated Customer Support

ShowUhow® provides a web-based, integrated sales and customer support platform for manufacturers and retailers of consumer products, which is designed to reduce returns and support costs. The ShowUhow platform gives consumers access to the tools and services they need to effectively assemble, install, set-up and use a wide range of products from furniture and consumer electronics, to children’s products, outdoor and recreation equipment and small business solutions.

These services are hosted by ShowUhow and integrated into retailer and manufacturer websites for seamless, accessible use by consumers across products. The availability of these services is also communicated to consumers via retailer and manufacturer catalogs, email communications, and packaging inserts.

Video Instruction Guides (VIGs) help provide a consistent, high level of pre-sale and post-purchase support to consumers, improving their shopping and out-of-box experience. The VIGs are produced and hosted by ShowUhow. ShowUhow provides manufacturers and retailers with an Awareness Program to make sure that consumers know which products include this premium level of support both as they make their purchasing decisions as well as post-purchase.

Retailers put a link to a VIG preview window on the specific product sales pages of the online store. The preview window is branded with the retailer and the manufacturer logos and is configured to keep the consumer on the online store Web site. When shoppers click on this link, they will know that this product provides them with a higher level of customer support.

After making a purchase, consumers then access the full VIG for additional post-purchase support through the manufacturer’s website. The full VIG provides the consumer with the ability to access additional product safety, warranty information, register products, or request replacement parts.

High Quality, Low Cost Solution

By using online resources effectively, ShowUhow delivers the lowest cost solutions while delivering the highest quality results. ShowUhow services are delivered using patent-pending software and business processes that reduce the cost of traditional video production by more than 85%, and reduce the cost of traditional call center customer support by as much as 90%.

“Nine times out of ten, sending a caller to our website to view the VIG handles the issue. The VIGs are high quality, and we use the management reporting and statistics to measure the effectiveness of the program.”
John Webster
CEO of Odyssey Technologies, Inc.

No major changes to business practices are required for retailers or manufacturers. ShowUhow handles all hosting, light integration and maintenance, and little to no additional training is necessary. ShowUhow targets reductions of 50% in product returns and 33% in support costs for its customers.