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Top 5 Online Sports News Sites

The sports world has never been bigger, and billions of fans the world over are hungry for online news about their favorite teams and players. But with so many sports news outlets out there, it can be hard to know where to turn for the best information.

Fortunately, we’ve  done the work for you, ranking the top five best online sports news sites according to their number of visitors and the amount of time they spend on site. You’ll find the latest football, rugby, cricket, F1, boxing and more at these sports news websites. Source ลงทะเบียนที่นี่

Yahoo Sports

The global leader when it comes to online sports news, Yahoo has a reputation for hard-hitting investigative journalism, uncovering instances of cheating and fraud in both collegiate and professional sports. They also cover a wide variety of different sports, from major ones like football and basketball to minor sports such as cycling and horse racing.

Exploring the Best Mobile Apps for Sports News

No matter what sport you’re a fan of, chances are that ESPN has got you covered. Their televised coverage of major sporting events is second to none, and they also do a great job with their website as well. They’re known for going a little bit deeper into their analysis than many other sports news outlets do, and their annual “Swimsuit Issue” is always popular as well.

The UK’s most popular subscription sports website, Sky Sports, came in fifth on our list with 6.4 million unique visitors (that’s 13% of internet users aged over 15) spending an average of 158.5 million minutes on its site and apps. It’s probably fair to say that many of those visits will have been spent watching live sporting events, but they also have a good news section covering all the big sports and some of the lesser-known leagues too.

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