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6 Ways We Satisfy Customer Experience Where Others Can’t

  1. Retailers and manufacturers no longer need to explain how to set-up and use their products in lengthy phone calls from consumers – 30 minutes to over an hour for some calls.
  2. The ShowUhow program set-up and production process gives manufacturers insight into discrepancies in their products and set-up instructions from a consumer perspective.
  3. ShowUhow provides the most accurate method for manufacturers and retailers to demonstrate how quickly and easily it is to set-up and use their products.
  4. Consumers gain a clearer view of what they must do to set-up and use products during the pre-sale process, with the ShowUhow Video Instruction Guides.
  5. Consumers are no longer frustrated by guessing how to interpret text and diagrams on how to set-up and use the products they purchase.
  6. ShowUhow Buyer Analytics provide retailers and manufacturers with real time analysis of how consumers use their products.